Tellus Mater, Inc

Kitchenware Brands Carried at Tellus Mater*

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Childs


A kitchen is never really complete, but Tellus Mater is here to help your kitchen get close!

We have items to help you prepare the perfect meal or bake, to keep you kitchen clean after your done eating, and to organize your kitchen so everything has a place.  

An array of utensils (many you never knew you needed), baking sheets/molds, pots & pans, sponges & brushes, drying racks, paper towel holders, dishes & silverware, mandolins, serving bowls, tea/dish towels, storage containers, pizza stones and more!

*Tellus Mater Inc. is always adding new brands. If you do not see a brand you are looking for above, please call/email us and we may have what you are looking for even if it is not reflected above. It is also more than likely that we also have a similar version of what you are looking for by a different brand!